Fitness first body combat video torrent

fitness first body combat video torrent

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Prev Med Baltim ; Studies analysing the contribution of music in the mood of teenagers during physical activity are scarce and controversial. A survey that examined the states of mind of female gymnasts between years old, found a positive effect 20 20 Mori P, S. Deutsch Changing moods in rhythmic gymnastics classes with and without the use of music. Driving ; Another study that used music therapy among young people with social, emotional and behavioural problems, improved the communication and sociability of people over 13 years of age, however, the study was not associated with exercise 21 21 Porter S, T McConnell, McLaughlin K, F Lynn, C.

Cardwell, Braiden HJ, et al. Music therapy for children and adolescents with behavioral and emotional problems: a randomized controlled trial. J Child Psychol Psychiatry ; Many recent studies have been produced in order to analyse the effect of music during exercise, but have not been conducted with children and adolescents 22 22 Cova LP Brown GKF, Fernandes PT. Music and exercise: a literature review. Connections ; Music, adolescents and health: narratives about how young people use music as a health resource in daily life.

Center for Music and Health Publication Series. Musical Life Stories. Exclusion criteria were: participants who practiced some kind of martial art, were absent on the day, or did not complete the training class. LEA for various populations. Rio Claro: Unesp; This instrument determines moods in different populations and its concurrent validity is confirmed in children, the elderly and people with low education 24 24 Volp CML. The group of adolescents participated on two Fridays with a one week interval between operations in order to remove the effect of contamination between the groups regarding the learning process.

The prescription of the classes was applied by the same teacher. Analysis was performed normal distribution using the Shapiro-Wilk test, and absolute and relative frequency was calculated for descriptive statistics.

The number of categories 1 to 4 was decreased for two classifications: Category 1 "very little" and Category 2 "little" were transformed into 1 "weak"; and Categories 3 "strong" and 4 " very strong" were transformed into 2 "strong". We used SPSS v24 software for statistical calculations.

They evaluated 29 adolescents, 18 females and 11 males, aged years old. After CWM there was reduction of the following negative feelings: "sad,", "unpleasant", "useless" and "scared" Table 1. They showed an increase in positive adjectives after performing the CWM compared to not using music. There was a reduction in negative adjectives and decreased fear in CWM, showing increased psychological security. Rev Bras Prescription and Fisiol of Exerc ; 3: ISSN J Music Ther ; In this study, COM increased the intensity of the adjective "nice" and "light" probably because exercise creates a sensation of well-being after practice.

Several studies have found that exercise performed in the presence of music is able to enhance moods, due to its motivational action 22, 23 23 HB Beckmann. This is in addition to reducing the monotony of repetitive exercises and the discomfort resulting from physical activity, in which the individual perceives the environment as more enjoyable 28 28 Rodrigues NS, Rabbit Son CAA.

Influence of music listening in physical exercise by adults. Rev Bras and Sports Physical Educ ; Music Enhances performance and perceived enjoyment of sprint interval exercise. Med Sci Sports Exerc ; 47 5 : Doi: doi: These authors concluded that the music accompanying the intensity of exercise movements, can increase the ability to work, in order to make it less monotonous exercise. The influence of music and musical rhythms in resistance exercise.

That is, moderate to high exercise intensities, when songs are properly selected, may weaken feeling of sadness, and worthlessness, making them safer and more pleasant subjects. Influence of music on performance and psychophysiological responses During moderate-intensity exercise Preceded by fatigue. Physiol Behav ; Doi: 0. How does music aid 5 km of running? J Strength Cond Res ; 29 2 : The "tired" feeling was significantly elevated in two sections of the class, a result explained by the exhausting effect of exercise, however, the increase was significant for CWM.

In this case, the initial effects of music may decrease during prolonged exercise at a higher intensity, because the physiological conditions begin to dominate the processing capacity of the nervous system 27 27 Hutchinson JC, Sherman T, Davis L, D Cawthon, Reeder NB, Tenenbaum G. The influence of asynchronous motivational music on the supramaximal exercise bout. Int J Sport Psychol ; So music is stimulating for a moment but is not able to minimise fatigue during more extensive practice.

The Fernandes study 33 33 Fernandes MH. Physical activity and mental health in adolescents: The mediating effect of self-esteem and body satisfaction. Sport J Psychol ; Xue et al. The influence of induced mood on music preference. Cogn Process ; 19 4 : Therefore, when the participants had neutral feelings, the preference was for both melody rhythms.

It is therefore noted that in addition to analysing and interpreting the factors related to the effect of music during physical activity in isolation, that it is necessary to observe them together in a particular context, in which the performance of the practitioner can improve and hence contribute to increased motivation for the regular practice of certain physical activity.

This finding has clinical implications, since it improves the moods of adolescents, and the use of music accompanying the rhythm of choreography can be an alternative activity programme and hence can improve the engagement of adolescents with regular exercise. The small number of participants and sessions was a limitation of the study. Studies with larger sample sizes and more sessions with more varying ages should be used, in order to make a comparative study of age and sex, on the effect of exercise learning.

It was found that music enhances sensations of happiness and joy, and also increases spiritual adjectives, increases activity and energy, and increases the state of lightness. It encourages a feeling of tiredness when there is no music and also diminishes sadness and unpleasant feelings, and decreases feelings of worthlessness, shyness and fear.

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